Sun, wind
and people

Message from the CEO

The Global EcoPower Group (GEP) carries its business in its name: the construction of power plants using renewable energies.

Focused on photovoltaics and wind power, GEP has built up an efficient team that takes into account the skills and experience of everyone. 

The financial community also rewarded GEP by awarding the Group the Grand Prix "Start-Up 2016"​.

Success is the conjunction of intelligence, audacity, hard work and the right moment. A little bit of good fortune and chance, but above all the ability of everyone to continue to be enthusiastic about their goal: to build power plants generating green electricity.

France is now considering an electric mix by 2050 with  a share of 80 to 100% of renewables. Other countries, including Germany, are forecasting 100% by 2030. The global power generation sector is changing rapidly. GEP wishes to take a growing place in these changes, in France as well as internationally.
1. Design of power plants
2. Construction of photovoltaic plants
3. Construction of wind farms
4. Operation & maintenance


Since more than 8 years, GEP builds solar PV plants both on the ground and on roofs. Furthermore, internationally, there has been significant photovoltaic development.

« Global demand will reach a new record at 73 gigawatt (GW) this year, 33% higher than last year.
The global solar landscape is highly diversified:
- the first three markets account for more than half of the demand,
- there are more than ten major markets that exceed a gigawatt per year,
- 20 markets will exceed a gigawatt by the end of the decade,
- Latin America and the Middle East are strongly increasing regions».
Référence : GTM Research report on the global solar market for the third quarter of 2016

The observation of the energy transition programs in various countries encourages GEP to continue the construction of photovoltaic power plants.


According to GWEC's 2016 annual report, wind power could, with the continuous decline in production costs of the sector, experience sustained growth in the coming years (around 10% to 12% of additional capacity installed each year in the world). By the end of 2021, installed global wind power could reach 817 GW according to the GWEC forecast, 67.8% more than at the end of 2016. The wind market should continue to be driven by China.

The wind sector is currently growing globally, and GEP would like to be able to increase the international share of these achievements in this context.


Creating a team is a difficult art. The rapidity of GEP's employees and the Group's decision-making chains are its strength.  

GEP has thus built up a team of men and women working on the entire value chain, from land research to project sizing, from financing and its optimization to construction, operation and sale of plants. 

«  The skills of the employees of GEP make it possible to associate the development of renewable energies with the economic profitability ».

Creating a team is a difficult art. A mixture of chance and necessity. A random crossing of destinies, with its lot of good encounters and bad picks. In this world of compunction, slowness and acute mania for meetings, the rapidity of the GEP employees is the strength of the company.