Since January 2009, GEP's strategy has been to build PV or wind power plants and sell them to third-party investors. There have been two phases: 

- GEP proposed PV and wind power plants to third-party investors. During the acquisition of the special purpose vehicles, GEP signed contracts for construction and assistance to the project’s owner. GEP has thus sold more than 80 MW, two PV plants and four wind power plants.

​- Then, in a second phase, GEP acquired the special purpose vehicles directly, financed them, built them and sold them to a third party investor.

The strategy has evolved. The activity of the GEP group is divided into three parts: 

Ownership of plants

GEP intends to acquire, finance, build and operate the special purpose vehicles during periods of 6 to 8 years. Ultimately, the plants will be sold. This ownership concerns wind, PV and biogas plants in France.



GEP wishes to develop wind, photovoltaic and biogas plants for its own account. This strategy will become the "strong arm" of the GEP Group in the years to come.



GEP is considering several construction projects in France and abroad: wind power plants, photovoltaics and biogas, through tenders or consultations. The group also considers so-called "traditional" works in connection with power plants.