The new Board of Directors has decided, on the proposal of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, to create two committees with an advisory role:

A Strategic Committee, which will participate in determining the company's strategy and monitoring its implementation, including:

  • Philippe DESTENBERT, Chairman of the Strategic Committee
  • Pierre BERTHE
  • Pierre-Yves BERTHE
  • Christian MUNIER
  • Jean-Marie SANTANDER
  • Daniel SIMONCINI

An Investment Committee, which will examine the various investment or external growth projects likely to influence the activity and correspond to the strategy, including:

  • Christian MUNIER, Chairman of the Investment Committee
  • Philippe DESTENBERT
  • Philippe PERRET, Executive Vice President
  • Grégory SANTANDER, COO
  • Jean-Marie SANTANDER


The Board of Directors has also decided to set up a Remuneration Committee, which will include the following members:

  • Christian MUNIER, Chairman of the Remuneration Committee
  • Philippe DESTENBERT