At the beginning of 2009, GEP decided to start its business by acquiring companies holding the rights and authorizations to build its power plants. Now GEP wishes to develop its own plants. This is a job the management knows very well. A company which holds the various project companies (SPV in our jargon) was created: GEP-Développement. All future GEP power plants will be developed: wind, solar PV and biogas. The target of GEP-Développement is to hold more than 1,000 MW in development in the coming years.


The Group's strategy is to disconnect from the ups and downs of the market and develop its own power plants. The three core skills (wind, photovoltaic and biogas) will be developed in partnership with specialized offices. All skills are in GEP. This strategy will lead GEP to no longer depend on the market and will perpetuate its activity.

Development Team

The development team is composed of a manager, experienced in these development techniques, an engineer-topographer and two persons responsible for land research. It is assisted in the operational management by GEP. Partnerships have been established with specialized offices.


The aim of GEP-Développement is to supply GEP with all the plants to be built and it plans to hold more than 1,000 MW in development in the next few years.