GEP Energies

GEP Energies is the construction subsidiary of the GEP group. It is involved in the construction of the plants that the group plans to build: wind, photovoltaic and biogas. GEP Travaux also positions itself in tenders or consultations to build power plants that will not be owned by the group. GEP Travaux is also developing a so-called "traditional" activity in the Marseilles region.

GEP Energies , formerly SENERGIES, was formed from the business assets of SENERGIES and ERI SUD-OUEST acquired from the Commercial Court of Marseille on October 28, 2015.
GEP Energies is gradually transforming its activity to carry out the works of the GEP group.

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GEP Energies is 100% owned by GEP. It is the "works" subsidiary of the GEP group.


GEP Energies is headed by Jean-Marie SANTANDER, in his capacity as Chairman and Stéphane VIALETTES as Director.


GEP Energies (ex SENERGIES) has become an expert in the construction of photovoltaic power plants thanks to the two skills:
- Structures (fixed and tracker)
- Electricity (DC and AC)





Bétheniville (5.5 MWp - QUADRAN)
Les Sauvaires (9.4 MWp - URBASOLAR)
Vallérargues (12 MWp - URBASOLAR)
Libron (4.5 MWp - QUADRAN)
Montfort (10 MWp - BORALEX)
Cap'Découverte (31 MWp - NEOEN)
Boussens (2,5MWp - QUADRAN)
Puech Coucou (5MWp - COFELY INEO)


Vallérargues (12MWp)
Luxey (9MWp)
Garein (12MWp)
Igos (8MWp)
Langele (12MWp)
Brassemonte (12MWp - URBASOLAR)
Le Chevalet (5.9MWp - COFELY INEO) 





Ministère de La Défense (900 kWp - BOUYGUES
Green Office Bouygues (100 kWp)
Cité des loisirs de Courbevoie (80 kWp)
Vinci – ZAC Cardinet (160 kWp)
Eiffage – ZAC Cardinet (120 kW)
Cité de la Musique (CIMU) à Paris (33kWc - BOUYGUES)

Solar Canopy

Casino Salon de Provence (100 kWp)
La Fare les Oliviers (100 kWp)
Parking Genève (600 kWp)